took my money and didn't deliver my $46 bag.

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I spent $46 on a bag on and it never arrived and they are stonewalling me—seem to have no intention of doing anything about it.

The New Shoppingbag (large) by Susan Bijl was $37.50 and I spend $8.50 on shipping. FedEx claimed delivery but it never arrived. claims I didn't contact them soon enough, but I wasted a few weeks waiting for FedEx to get back to our company's mail clerk.

I find this unacceptable. How can a company take my money and deliver nothing? How hard would it be to send me a bag? Their customer service person (Cindy Madi) won't even respond to my emails.

Please don't make purchases from customer service is abysmal.

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What this customer failed to mention is that she never contacted Fedex or Greener Grass Design for over 2 months.Fedex shows that the package was delivered and signed for by her office building.

Any problem with this could have been handled if contacted immediately or even with 21 days so we could have attempted to file a claim for her. After 2 months, no claim can be filed with Fedex. Relying on the mailroom clerk to contact Fedex shows that she also believes the responsiblity must belong the the mailroom. Fedex shows that there was never a trace requested for this package or even an inquiry.

Any call to Fedex and a case # is automatically given.I can't imagine waiting 2 months after delivery of a purchase and expecting anyone to be able to help resolve a delivery issue.

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